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nobody reads this [11 Aug 2011|07:34pm]
you've got a set
you've got a set of teeth
i'd better jet
it's been a pleasure to meet you

this is a friend
this is a friendly fiend
we made a bet
first one inside gets to greet you

grease you up
and dress you down

get inside right now
someone's missing out
i'm looking at your mouth
your gaze disdainful

when you speak i have a feeling you're not joking
i'm not a reader but i'm reading into you
do you believe me when i imitate your laugh
or do you see me?

i'll do my bit
abetting ridicule
let my acidity eat you

i've never met
a better-pedicured
getter of every feature

on my mind
oh my god, is that the time??

get upstairs right now
someone's missing out
i'm looking at your mouth
your gaze is painful

when i sleep i dream of probable disasters
when you see me i am probably distressed
if i told you i was just doing my best
would you believe me?
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colon, slash. (a new song [by the band i'm gonna form {called Earth's Yellow Sun}]) [26 Apr 2009|03:50pm]
i'm sorry about what i did
i'll change
will you?
but i am through apologizing
for myself
and hearing your remorse and fear
at having shown me
the tenderness i hunger for, my dear

even when you look away
you're speaking to me
and when you say that you hate me
i am loving the attention
i'm not scared of you
the way you are of me
i'm just curious to see
how you turn out, in the end.

i will still be here
all summer
you know where i sleep
(where the magic doesn't happen)
where i wait
to be bothered
by probing noses such as yours
and i am much better at waiting
than you are
at whatever it is you do
and i won't stop calling you


Edit: So let's pretend
to be friends
and maybe one day
we will be again
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som education for your ass [13 Feb 2009|04:53pm]
draw in that breath of dusky air, and let the chill
ebb its way between your rafters like a freezing tide
of improbable fluidity, a life
of its own

let's pay our former selves the dignity they've earned
and let them die, and not sit vigil till we follow suit
let's stop writing songs, and learn to dance
and throw ourselves completely
on the mercy of an idol not idyllic

i'm facing rearward on this solemn forth advance
so i can pine for my hometown as it recedes
you are afraid to look away from the mirror
can't believe in what you can't see

it is so clear to me that you don't have to be
but how dare i tell you so
when we both harbor the same distrust
concerning bliss...
well now we owe her this

let's pay our former selves the dignity they've earned
and let them die, and not sit shiva while we follow suit
let's start getting drunk and gambling
and throw our dice repletely
on the altar of an idol not idyllic

and recieve thy purpose
relieved and worthless
alone, and shirtless
don't hate
create ... change
behave ... strange ...
your deepest fears, explained away
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this shit is a legitimate mystery dude. [09 Jan 2009|12:18am]
AIM IM with librecoho.
librecoho:I hope your day is wonderfully amazing, just like you!
me: ok wtf
librecoho: hm?
me: who are you and what is the significance of coho
librecoho: who is this?
me: you first
me: you messaged me
librecoho: only coho I know is the salmon.
librecoho: no I didnt?
librecoho: I'm Andy. How bout you?
me: um, yea. im only talking to you because this message appeared on my screen
me: I hope your day is wonderfully amazing, just like you!
librecoho: Alright then. Later.
me: wongaboo?
librecoho: hm?
me: ok so youre not my uncle andy
me: weird. two seconds previous i got a message from someone called turdburglarCoho
librecoho: No. Who might you be?
me: what is this coho business
me: my name is lucas. can you prove you arent a virus robot
librecoho: I'll do you one better
librecoho: bye
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[09 Jan 2009|12:14am]
AIM IM with turdburglarcoho.
turdburglarcoho: terdjaculate is when your prostate goes nuts and shit flies out your anus and goes everywhere HAHAHAH
me: is that your full name?
turdburglarcoho: ...go taking a dump...
me: are you related to libreCoho?
turdburglarcoho: ...neigh...go taking a dump
me: this is fucking weird. who are you and why are you telling me about turdjaculate and taking a dump?
turdburglarcoho: i'm going to kill your family you and you say crazy things. stick your big cock in my ass ejaculating to me
me: well then, very good.
me: blocked.
TurdBurglarCoho has gone offline.
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history channel is the shit son [08 Jan 2009|11:55pm]
apocalypse is comin' up, guys. dont forget to do your shoppin'.
also, do your part by doing absolutely nothing for the next three years.
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bklyn grl / optomistic song [08 Nov 2008|08:33pm]
train is early, hour is late
hurry up and wait
finish yer po-tates and stow your plates
the lady of the household hates
to waste;
deplores poor taste

defy, brave space-time continuum
if i save face, time's sinews come
it's a haste crime
to erase grime
but for all my grace i'm
the firstest one
has my kingdom come?

with all those piercings in your mouth
brooklyn girl, move into my party house
never underestimate the south
remove your blouse

up at sunrise, not until
concentrate your will
never mind the imbecile
who relishes a kill
be unashamed in solitude
but do not shun the brood
retain a comely attitude
while being slightly rude

insanity and vanity
humility and reason
allegiance and profanity
and chastity and treason

divinity, deformity
the harvest of the season
normality, mortality
the fear of being eaten
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muuuuusick [07 Nov 2008|11:10pm]
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some lyrics, that rhyme! sometimes! [20 Oct 2008|06:42pm]
don't get me wrong, i think you're swell
but it's way too early to tell
where this dizzy spell
will leave me facing

get me inside of a brain
one that's anything but sane
come complete me, come end my life
and justify these greedy seeds, poisonous needs
with which i'm rife

if we, as inquirers, retire
we forfeit all that we require
to be forgiven
by ourselves

even he who despises, admires
but distant admirers will expire
and i adore you, in my way
which is to say, when you're away
when you're away

and in time, i'll be fine, and so will we
we'll sit down for wine beneath a tree
and once again, we'll sneak around
but until then, my only friend
i will keep my eyes
to the ground
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college poem [12 Oct 2008|02:50am]
wake up
move to a strange town
grow a college beard
dresser drawer that's not a drawer
go to sleep
wake up go back to sleep
wake up
turn off the oven
do your laundry at night
on sunday morning
throw away the moldy fridge
chase away invertibrates
late housewarming
be there first
surrender your cash
at finger-point
draw the blinds
draw the grayscale
cry go back to sleep
walk even faster
you're not too old
to learn something
walk backwards
wait in line
hate police
wish for police
try writing home
find it hard
to finish a sentence
wake up
wake up
don't take
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wheeeeee [21 Sep 2008|05:08pm]
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DUDE i forgot i had this icon. [03 Sep 2008|02:14am]
[ mood | pablo ]

too many things happening all the time, which is awesome for me but not you cause i dont know where to start so i will probably say everything all at once. anyone want to trade me a bike for my guitar? oh wait nobody who reads this lives in chicago. and i probably want money for my guitar for to buy a new one.
i would put my new address here, but im not sure how long its gonna be my address. more on that later.
why doesnt the spellchecker notice the word gonna, but it goes crazy on all my apostrophe-less contractions.
i visited claras house today its niccceee.
jenna fischer is haute. animation class was awesome, but i thought i had to poop like four times today and didnt.

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[29 Jul 2008|01:58am]
finally, a weakness that excites me
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[09 Jul 2008|01:15pm]
[ mood | soggy ]

there's a baby in the office with me, it is gulping for air.
i'm kind of worried it will stop gulping. i'm guessing it has serious problems with mucus in the respiratory tract.
this has been a pretty bad week so far. ask me why i got fired from my job and i will convey bewilderment, but it wasnt really a surprise. ask me why i got an 85 dollar ticket and i'll blame the pedestrian, even though i knew the law and consciously disobeyed it. ask me what else i did this week and i'll probably draw a blank. focusing too much on the negative. Thats what having a job where mistakes are the only thing that incurs recognition will do to you. i need to take my life apart and put it back together. i have to get something off of the drawing board, off the ground, something that i can be proud of and look forward to so i'm not so mired in shit i can't undo.

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please! [25 Jun 2008|04:20am]
listen to this. its a song i brought home from brazil in my brain and just recorded in about four stoned hours on a weeknight. more to come, at some point.
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[06 Jun 2008|12:32am]
found a job.
keeping people from hanging out in front of the drugstore.
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[06 Jun 2008|12:27am]
I had a dream too!
i was at plymouth and some meatheads came and said they wanted to sleep on my couch which was in my bedroom for some reason and i told them to leave but they just kept inviting their asshole friends, and not even sleeping on the couch, and then i got really pissed at them and kicked over a table. i think thats one of my biggest fears, losing all control of a situation like that and then reacting with dumb aggression. noodle time.
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[05 Jun 2008|03:16am]
when am i not myself?
how often aren't i me?
isn't becoming someone new
its his birthday, i'm passing waters.
thanks for paying! attention.
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[05 Jun 2008|02:16am]
is it ever useless to state the obvious?
if so, how do you know if something is, indeed; obvious?
does the olive juice subtract more than it contributes to the martini?
i mean honestly, who drinks olive juice.
well let me ask you this!!!
wouldn't plain olive juice be a better idea...?
for your health...?
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NAH AHHHH [29 May 2008|02:51pm]
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